How to Celebrate Fairtrade Month

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is about creating equitable wages and working conditions for farmers and producers. Simply, this benefits workers – who receive a fair day’s pay for their work; local communities – through direct investments in local schools, hospitals, clean water wells; the environment – by implementing sustainable farming standards that preserve ecosystems, conserve water and reduce waste; as well as the consumer – who is guaranteed quality products that are GMO free and grown with care.

Image: FairTradeUSA

How Fairtrade Relates to Palm oil?

Companies that support fairtrade work to create long term, direct relationships with palm farmers and their communities through building own facilities in places where no rainforest land needs to be cleared, ensuring the protection of wildlife and mitigating the release of CO2. Fairtrade creates a more sustainable and ethical supply chain in the palm oil industry by adopting organic methods of farming, promoting soil quality and making sure workers are being paid fairly, ensuring that investments flow to foster community development – such as nurses quarters in hospitals, deep water wells and school supplies. If more companies embraced Fairtrade, palm oil would be less of a greasy business.

How You Can Celebrate FairTrade Month

Search Fairtrade in your area

Fairtrade has a nifty site that lets you know what shops in your local area sell and support Fairtrade products. Check it out here:

Think globally, act locally 

Fresh Local Organics | Image courtesy of Randwick Farmers Markets

Ensure your money goes straight to the producer by shopping at a local market. It’s also a nice way to spend a weekend outdoors. Here’s my top pick for markets in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs area:

Randwick Farmers Markets – Every Saturday from 9am – 2pm, Randwick Public School

Bondi Farmers Markets – Every Saturday from 9am – 1pm, Bondi Beach Public School

Carriageworks Farmers Markets, Every Saturday 8am – 1pm, Carriageworks

Paddington Markets, Every Saturday 10am – 4pm, 395 Oxford Street, Paddington

Buy FairtradeFairtrade

Look for the Fairtrade Certified label every time you shop at the supermarket and support brands that work with small, grower communities that honour the labour of the producers. 

Bake Fairtrade

Create your own recipes with Fairtrade ingredients or follow this Fairtrade Pinterest board for some ideas:

Enjoy Fairtrade Tea and Chocolate

Feel good with an afternoon break, feel even better knowing you are supporting a fair cause.

Support Fairtrade

Follow Fairtrade Australia on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest Fairtrade news.

Find local organisations that support Fairtrade. The University of New South Wales has a campus committee to transform UNSW into a Fairtrade campus, you can support them by signing their petitions or following Fairtrade UNSW on Facebook here.

Happy Fairtrade Month Everyone, Make sure you get behind this worthy cause!

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A New Leaf Project is optimistic that making simple changes in our everyday can go a long way to helping put a stop to the dependency on unsustainable palm oil. Follow A New Leaf Project for inspiration on how you can make conscious consuming and sustainable living a project in your life. Don’t forget to support #PalmOilFreeFriday by filling out the weekly form to help you reflect on your conscious consumer habits.

By Chelsea W | A New Leaf Project



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